Confessions of a Home Office Goddess

There are many reasons why you don’t want to set up a home office and only one good reason. And I’m watching it fall with a vengeance outside my kitchen window. There’s a wonderful calm that falls over you when you look out over a three foot snow drift, and knowing that your morning drive consists of putting on your “dress” slippers and making your way downstairs to the office. I wave off my children and pour myself another cup of coffee.

So what’s the downside to working out of your home? One word…food. It’s RIGHT THERE…ALL THE TIME! And the problem is, I know where the bagels, Ritz Crackers and granola bars are, and they whisper my name throughout the day. So I shut my door, but who are we kidding? As the day progresses, I crack open the door and peer out – hoping a celery stick might jump out at me, but no – once again the chips are the first to greet me. I don’t have a chance as long as we’re all living in the same house.. 오피

Many “experts” will tell you that another problem many people have with home offices is the distraction of household chores. You know folding clothes because you happen to walk by the dryer, or emptying the dishwasher on your way to the chips. Really? I never have an overwhelming need to do laundry on the weekends, and these experts think I’m going to suddenly develop an urge to mop the floor on my way to the bathroom? Apparently I’m more professional than I thought because I have never ironed during work hours.

Deciding to move into home offices was an exciting move for my business partner and me. After reading “You Too Can Work from Home,” I set off to transforming our family home office into MY office. I looked around the cluttered room and threw open the closet…to find everything imaginable. A sneaker; a Kodak 35 mm camera – because you never know when film might come back into vogue; and a cellular bag phone. Remember those? Cutting edge technology around the time when “Men at Work” was topping the music charts and girls were just discovering Michael J Fox on Family Ties.

So while my office is a room that wasn’t meant for much more than a crib and changing table, it’s all mine, and I had decided that this office was going to inspire me in a creative, fun and funky fashion. In other words, “Where do I hang the Christmas lights?”

No drive to work on a snowy winter’s day, your furry friend – be it cat or dog, at your feet or in your lap, and The Young and the Restless keeping you company at lunch in your comfortable kitchen. There’s a lot to be said for having a home office.

Working out of my home office is pretty much how I envisioned it….except maybe better. Who wouldn’t like to simply.