How To Date Women – Overcome the Fear of Failure

Learning how to date women is an art. I talk about what it takes to overcome the fear of failure and approach ladies without hesitation in this advice column.

Some guys are more artful at meeting women than are most guys; so they don’t need advice on how to meet women. But even the best pick-up artist in the world is wise enough to keep an open mind, because none of us likes to get snubbed.

It’s not always because we don’t have a lot of money. Although it helps to have it; some guys shiver when they can approach women, even if they are very wealthy, because they have an overwhelming fear of failure. หนังโป๊

The fear of failure deters many a good man when he’s trying to approach women. They think they can’t just walk up to her and start talking. They’re gripped with an all too tacit fear of failure.

How to Overcome the Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is an incredibly powerful emotion. It can thwart your endeavor to approach women. Men often worry that women will laugh at them for asking for a date, or disrespect them in some way.

While it could happen, you have a better chance for dating women if you learn how to approach them. If you let it control your actions, your opportunities to talk to women will be greatly diminished.

I realize fear of failure is a commonplace thing, but you shouldn’t allow it to detract from asking women for dates. Instead, use my advice to overcome the fear of getting shot down by actually embracing your failures. This is why.

Babe Ruth, the Baseball Hall-of-Fame slugger was famous for simultaneously holding two records: one was for home runs, and the other was for strikeouts. Use the same philosophy when you want to approach women that you’d like to date.

Understand that disappointment is part of the dating process. Guys with outstanding techniques of approaching women will meet some women, and get snubbed.