How To Make A Lot Of Money With Laser Lipo

The sheer mention of laser lipo, lipolysis or non surgical lipo would normally steer people to think of extreme cost and no being able to afford it. A lot of Salons, Clinics and weight loss professionals see this type of product and service offering outside the realms of their business activities for many reasons. Well, what if there was a way to offer this service and add instant and huge income to your business?

Ok, let’s assume for a moment that there are a lot of people out there who want to lose weight, want to lose it quickly and want a quick fix for any number of reasons such as an impending event, date or business meeting. Enter Lumislim laser lipo. Laser Lipo is growing to be one of the biggest revenue generators that any beauty salon can have on it’s menu of treatments.

However, laser lipo is not exclusive to beauty salons. Increasingly, laser lipo is being viewed as an important new income channel for:-

1. Medical Clinics
2. Fitness Instructors
3. Gym owners
4. Cosmetic clinics

Laser lipo has the benefit of offering results that other treatments could not match. There is no pain, no down time and after just a few sessions you can transform a body from fat to fab. The results are so visual and dramatic that the client will always come back for more.

However, this article is not about regaling the virtues of the treatment, it is about how to add huge profits to your bottom line quickly. Now. This month.

We will start from the premise that I am not trying to tell you how to run your business or what price you should charge for your services. This is merely an idea that I want to share with you in order to add 144,000 or $200,000 income to your business each year. For the sake of this article we will do this exercise in pounds sterling.

Ok, we need some assumptions here. We initially need to agree that you can find 20 new people a month who want to lose weight quickly, or people who, if they knew they could lose weight quickly, they would do it. There is a difference.

To find these people is actually simple and this forms part of the money making exercise. You have a voucher sized flyer made up offering the treatment at half price for just 600 and to make it more attractive you offer this on a “Pay half now and the rest later” deal. These vouchers must be high quality and be date stamped. To make them respond even quicker, offer a consultation normally worth 75 for just 40, but make this free if they take up the main offer at the time of consultation. That way, you don’t waste money if they don’t buy, you make 40 for 20 mins work. local anesthesia 

What happens is that you are effectively making the price of the treatment affordable to a group that didn’t know it existed, and would not normally be able to afford it. You take a 50% deposit and the balance when they come in for their final session, just prior to having it.

Laser Lipo is a low involvement treatment. You apply the pads and leave the client. You get on with other money making treatments whilst they lose weight.

So, the maths. If you can find 20 people a month by placing vouchers in offices, handing them out to people in the street, or outside Gyms you will add 144,000 to your income. There are so many easy, simple ways to do this and I am sure you could come up with more than I can.

Ok, so what’s the cost of the laser lipo machine?