Melissa and Doug Shopping Cart!

The Melissa and Doug shopping cart is a great way to get your kids excited about going the grocery store with you. They will feel like a little shopper themselves. Rather it’s helping you pick out the groceries or helping you bag them will truly enjoy the experience of shopping with their own shopping cart. When your child gets to take their own shopping cart to the store they will feel like they want to be a part. They feel like they want to be a part because they are a part. I have a three year old daughter who loves to go shopping with me now thanks to the wonderful shopping car. It makes my shopping trips much more enjoyably now knowing how much fun my daughter is having as well. In my option there are three great things about this Melissa and Doug shopping cart…

1. Educational To Your Child! 이미테이션

Your child will get to go around with you while you shop and you can show them how by buy groceries. Why you pick out the food you do and how you check for the pricing between the different products. In the process of shopping with you they will learn the value of money. Seeing how you purchase the food they eat everyday I feel so is educational to our children. My three year old daughter can all ready pick out a lot of the food we buy and a week to week basses. I feel that while shopping with our children they are learning a value that the will use for the rest of there lives.

2. Communication Skills!

Each time we go shopping at least three or four other shoppers make comments on how much she is learning from the experience and what a great opportunity it is. They also will stop and interact with her and tell her what an amazing job she is doing. As a mother, I see this interaction with other shoppers helps build her confidence and her communication skills. Here are some of the comments she has gotten while shopping. One customer even made the comment “by the age of thirteen she would be a power coupon saver.” They also all comment on how realistic the Melissa and Doug shopping cart looks. One man said “she could do as much damage to my car as a big shopping cart.” The interaction with others while shopping is so important. Our children will learn to be courteous, help others, and respect of what in the store.

2. Imagination Play

There is more to the shopping cart than just taking it to the store with you. Your child can also use it around the house for pretend play. My daughter has a play kitchen that she loves to use it in. Then my son will use it for bringing in the fire wood. So cute to watch the same product being used in such different ways. Your child will find the perfect way to use it around your home. They will play pretend with it for hours. Just watch and see what your child comes up with.