Mobile Phones – Making the World Smaller

The mobile phone technology is dominated by the use of GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) technology. This technology is widespread globally and has connected umpteen users and they are mounting each day. While the internet brought people close, the computer limited the reach, while laptops made it mobile to carry the computer the mobile phone made it more feasible. mobile stores near me

Mobile phones have moved from SMS’s, games and personal dairy. It has now become a strong tool for the marketers to sell their products through engaging people with the device that is always close to them. Convergence of all forms of media like the internet, television, radio into the mobile has increased the potential of this wireless device which now flaunts a array of functions and is technologically more sound, feasible and truly mobile.

The importance of the internet and its ability has been utilized in different mediums. Mobile phone has taken the utmost advantage in utilizing this technology. Personalization is the best service and the internet service providers have found the mobile phone a perfect tool for rendering this personalization to them. A mobile phone is always closer to a person and making most services accessible to him through the mobile would enable his greater acceptance of such services.

Bluetooth emerged as a boon to data transferring among digital devices and listening to wireless music whereas the GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) allowed internet connectivity through mobile phones. It has been even difficult for the mobile makers to include all the features in one device and thus they try to specialize in a particular technology. Still the need of a complete device is on the minds of the makers. Brands like Nokia, Samsung and Lg have tried to create a niche for them and target a specific audience.

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