New Years’ Resolutions for Restaurant Owners

Last year is gone and it’s time to usher in a new year. With it comes planning and resolutions, that will make it a good and profitable year. For restaurant owners this may still be your busy season with Happy new year 2022 status some people still being on holiday while the rest of them are returning to work. The New Year is good time to reflect on what has or has not worked the previous year and to plan for the year ahead.

Here are some new years’ resolutions for restaurant owners.


  • Assess the year that passed and be honest with yourself. What methods or processes did not work or caused confusion for your staff? Resolve to find methods that work well with your type of restaurant and that staff can understand easily.



  • Endeavour to try new recipes and be consistent with implementing the new recipes on your menu. Don’t delay changing the menu because you are busy. Set a deadline as to when you will renew it and ensure that it is done.



  • Speak to your customers more often and find out whether they are enjoying the dining experience at your restaurant. Listen to their complaints and resolve them. In most cases customers can give you valuable advice and suggestions that will help your business thrive.



  • Check whether your stock monitoring and ordering system is running efficiently. Most importantly you need to be sure that no old food items are stocked in the pantry. In the New Year ensure that the old stock is out and the new stock is in.



  • Communicate better with all your staff members. When you implement a new special or a new meal, ensure that everyone is aware of what it consists of and how much it costs. If they know better, they can sell better.



  • Make it a point to service the at least once a year to ensure that it works efficiently. The last thing you want is for a breakdown to occur while you’re still serving customers. It could make your restaurant look unprepared.



  • Look at what competitors are doing differently. Is your restaurant still doing things the old way? Are there new systems or software available that will make your restaurant run more efficiently? Do they change their menus often or do they stick to unique menu items?


The New Year should be a time for new beginnings and exciting endeavours. It should be a time to reflect and set new goals that will take you to the next level in your business and in your personal life.

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