OnePlus Nord 2 Open Handset With Strong Competition


Recently, the world was introduced to the innovative smartphone known as OnePlus Nord. The device is equipped with an Oxygen OS 3.5 based mobile operating system that runs on the Clear Computing System. It also comes loaded with a number of features that are designed keeping in mind the various needs of users. One of the most requested features by people looking to buy the handset is the option to buy the handset online from the Oppo website.

One of the most sought after features by buyers is the ability to buy the handset online. In fact, one of the reasons why the device has become so popular in the market is that it comes loaded with a few features that are exclusive to the Oppos website. One of these is the facility to buy the OnePlus 2 online. Many people are looking for innovative mid-range phones that they can use while travelling. If you too want to buy the device but do not have access to the Oppo website or cannot afford to pay the price that is mentioned on the product page, then you can just visit the online store called Amazon and buy the phone there. OnePlus Nord 2

One of the unique features of this smartphone is its dual camera feature that lets you take both standard and high-definition photos and videos. This is achieved through the use of an integrated 2.0 pixel rear camera and a 10.2 mega-pixel front camera. Apart from the standard camera, the phone also comes with a front and back camera that are capable of taking quality images and videos. In fact, one of the biggest complaints against smartphones is not being able to take photos and videos with good quality due to the poor camera performance.

The dual camera system in the Oppo smartphone does not only let you take photos and videos, it also allows you to take selfies. The company claims that the dual lens ensures better clarity and image quality when taking selfies. In fact, the sensor measures the distance between the two cameras using ultrasonic technology.

As if the images and videos were not enough, the Oppo smartphone has also launched the advanced Android operating system. The powerful Android OS will help you use Google’s other services like Gmail, Google Play Music and Google Maps well. Apart from all this, the Oppo handset also features a capacitive Android phone keypad which gives you quick access to different features of your phone. Apart from the keypad, the device also features a physical home key which allows you to launch apps easily.

The smartphone also comes with various features that make it ideal for people who want to build a strong and impressive social media presence. It comes with the advanced task manager which helps you manage your tasks across multiple platforms and browsers. You can even launch the official Oxygen widget from your phone. The Oxygen widget looks strikingly similar to the iPhone’s dock connector, giving the impression that the two smartphones are designed to look and work similarly. The OnePlus Nord 2 also comes with a fingerprint scanner, allowing you to sign into your social media accounts with just a glimpse of your fingerprint.