Simple Cartooning Skill Can Be an Asset

The reason of the popularity of cartooning lies in its simplicity. It is not only inexpensive to get started with but also simple in a sense that you can draw few careful lines to tell a beautiful story. And because of these reasons more and more kids and youngsters are taking up cartoon drawing. 4anime

Maybe you are one of them who love cartoon shows and also would love to be able to draw cartoons. But afraid to believe you can create beautiful cartoons. To make things clear let me tell you one simple thing if you can write you can draw cartoons. Because the area of the brain that controls your fingers while writing is the same area that controls fingers of an accomplished cartoon artist.

Yes I know the cartoons that are seen in magazines and cinemas looks really complicated. But the basic structure, if you look at very closely, is not different from a simple cartoon figure. What makes them look complex is addition of details and colour. Which you can learn anyway in the course of time.

In the beginning the time commitment from your part need not be huge. Regular practice sessions of short duration is what you will require to pick up the skill. Only if you want to take cartooning up as a profession you will need to devote more time for picking up serious aspects of cartooning.

So cut a slice of your time from what you spend for watching many cartoon shows and start practising. All the material that you will require for your initial exercises are actually available with you. Grab your notebook and a pencil and you have everything.

Many parents discourage their kids from taking up cartoon drawing with apprehension that this will affect their studies. But on the contrary, fact is the skill that the youngsters will pick up while drawing cartoons will actually help them in their study because, It will enhance their power of observation and self-expression.

So if your parents are not very comfortable with the idea of your taking up cartooning please have a chat with them and help them to see the positive aspects of it.

So the bottom line is simple, if you want to make cartoons just get started there are many benefits to reap from cartooning. It can be a satisfying hobby that will enhance many mental faculties of yours on top of providing you exhilarating moments.