What’s The Perfect Food To Serve At Your Wedding?

If you are planning a wedding, then you’re probably looking for different wedding food ideas; but not all types of weddings will do best with the same type of food. Here are some ideas for different food venues you might consider for different types of weddings.

Traditional Wedding Food Ideas

If you are having the traditional reception in a reception hall, you might opt for a traditional sit down dinner. If you do, be sure to give your guests a choice of beef and something lighter. Most people choose beef and chicken as the two main choices. Typical traditional sit down wedding receptions are served family style, with the side dishes in big bowls that can be passed around.

If a sit down meal seems too traditional for you, you could opt for a buffet style with serving stations all around. This way you can actually serve a variety of foods instead of just having two meal choices. I’ve seen pasta, fish and other foods being served along with a meat carving station. This type of food service allows guests to choose their own foods and could save you on a serving fee as well.

Food Ideas For A Backyard Wedding

Wedding food ideas for a more informal backyard wedding should be exactly that – informal. You could have servers bring the food to the table but with this type of wedding it’s better to have buffet style eating as it lends itself to the informal atmosphere. russian food store

The types of foods could be almost anything. You could have chicken, beef and seafood dishes setup or you could opt for a certain “theme” like a barbecue theme with barbecue type foods (ribs, burgers, corn on the cob etc..), a Mexican theme with Mexican foods or even an Italian theme with pasta dishes. If you do opt for a theme, make sure you take into consideration the fact that some guests will not like the type of food you are serving so you should always have something neutral like chicken and lots of vegetarian dishes.

Beach Wedding Foods

If you are having a beach wedding with the reception on the beach, there are a few wedding food ideas that could make your reception really special. Of course, with a beach wedding, one might think immediately of seafood, however, that may not be a good choice on it’s own because a lot of people don’t eat seafood or are allergic to it. You might include a seafood dish among other choices such as beef (think surf and turf) or chicken.

There are a couple of other themes that go perfectly with a beach wedding and one of those is a luau theme. Think Polynesian foods with delicious sauces and lots of fruit. Ham with pineapple, grilled foods and coconut based dishes are perfect. Of course, you don’t want to go too exotic as this might not be to everyone’s taste.

One of the other wedding food ideas for a beach themed wedding is to have barbecue style foods. Not hot dogs and hamburgers (unless you want it to be really informal) but something more upscale like grilled steak tips, ribs or even lobster tails on the grill.

Green Wedding

Are you into green living and organic foods? Well then why not have a “green” menu at your wedding reception? You could serve local and organic foods to your guests and let them see how delicious green living can be. Look for caterers that serve local foods and find some great food suppliers in your area. If you can’t find local, then have your caterer source all organic foods if you can. Of course, going all organic will add to your food expense but it will certainly have people talking about your wedding menu for a long time to come.